Homemade Yogurt Parfait Inspo + Toppings Ideas & Recipes

hey friends! I hope you are doing well! Today’s post is about one of my favorite high protein, homemade snacks! I don’t really like yogurt all that much, especially plain, but there are so many delicious toppings and spices that you can add to make it a little sweeter, and look amazing!

How to make a yogurt parfait/bowl:

  1. Start off with some yogurt! I prefer greek yogurt because it’s better for you and less runny and watery than normal yogurt, but feel free to use whatever kind you prefer!!

2. Add your flavor mix-in

Some of my favorites are…

-Strawberry Jelly (jelly that is like Smuckers Grape jelly and is basically gelatin wont work, I prefer organic for parfaits)

-PB Fit Peanut butter powder

-Chocolate Shaklee Life Shake

Some other ideas are…

-Blueberry Jelly

-A fruit smoothie

-Peanut Butter

-Organic Cocoa


-Maple Syrup


3. Add in your toppings

Some of my favs…

-Granola (make sure it’s low sugar so it’s still healthy!)

-Fresh Fruit

ex. Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Peaches, Pineapple

-Berry Bake

-Chocolate Chips

-Butterscotch Chips

Some other ideas..

-Chia seeds

-Crushed Almonds

-Shredded Coconut


-Cocoa Nips (the healthier version of Chocolate Chips)

-Dried Fruit

-Yogurt Covered Raisins

-Rolled Oats

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Yogurt Parfait

Mmmm the healthiest version of your favorite chocolate treat around!!


1 Cup Greek Yogurt

1 Tbs PB Fit Peanut Butter Powder

1 Tbs Chocolate Life Shake

1 Tsp Chocolate Chips

Sea Salt


Pour yogurt and mix in Peanut Butter Powder

Once fully combined, add in the Chocolate Life Shake

Sprinkle Chocolate Chips, Sea Salt, and any other toppings on top!

Classic Strawberry Parfait

The classic strawberry parfait. I have this for a snack all the time, and is a great before sports snack…it has so much protein in it!!


1 Cup Yogurt

1-2 Tbs Organic Strawberry Jelly

2 Tbs Granola


Mix together the Yogurt and Jelly really well

Add in the granola


(yes, its that easy!)

Snickerdoodle Parfait



Butterscotch Chips

1 Cup Yogurt

Drop of vanilla extract


Mix together the vanilla, yogurt and cinnamon

Top with Butterscotch chips and enjoy!!

Fruit Salad Parfait


1 Cup Yogurt

1Tbs Strawberry Jelly

3 Chopped Strawberries

Handful of Blueberries

Half Sliced Banana


Mix the yogurt and jelly until fully combined

Add in fruit!

Tropical Parfait


1 Cup Yogurt

1 Tsp Honey

Cubed Pineapple

Sliced Peaches

2 Chopped Strawberries

Shredded Coconut


Mix together yogurt and honey

Add in fruit and coconut! Feel free to mix it in or just leave it on top!

That is all for today’s post!! These are all quick and delicious snacks and are also great for quick before school breakfasts! Comment which one you will be trying first 😉

♡ Mayim

P.S. I get my granola and jelly from Costco

P.P.S. Photo credit to Pinterest!


8 thoughts on “Homemade Yogurt Parfait Inspo + Toppings Ideas & Recipes

  1. Mmmmm, you’re making me hungry! This looks delicious! Yeah, I might of just asked my mom if we could go to the store and pick up some of this stuff… Haha Great post Mayim!


  2. WOW Mayim, my mouth is watering and I dont know which one to try first! I am wondering if PEACH LIFE SHAKE is offered by Shaklee this summer if you will make a recipe for that….yum yum!


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