10 Essential Lifestyle Accessories for Teen Girls in 2023

hey hey friends! Wow we are like, almost 1/4 of the way into the new year! It has flown by for sure, and I wanted to get this post in before to much time has gone by! There are, for sure, some essential things (well, at least in my opinion 😂) for teen-tween girls to have to accessorize, accent, and just have over the years, from rings to wallets, and hair clips to necklaces. I’ve found that having things like this from other blogs in the past are super helpful, so hope this serves the same purpose for you! Now, enough of me chatting away, lets get to the actual post!

1. Pura Vida Bracelets..

Maybe these aren’t as in style right now, during the colder months, but lemme tell you, now is the time to stock up before they get crazeee expensive. Pura Vida bracelets are super trendy and beachy, and ahhh I just love anklets and bracelets and all the things! Plus, they have great sales right now as well, so go check it out!

2. Dainty Necklaces/Initial Necklaces

Right now, this is my favorite piece of jewelry, and lemme tell ya, I do not like wearing jewelry a lot, and I wear this almost every day. I got this from Christmas last year from one of my besties, and it is the ultimate add to any outfit, fancy, casual, around the house, it’s one of the best accessories I’ve ever had so far in my life and have probably worn the most 😂 *see what I mean when I say I don’t wear a lot of jewelry?*

3. Thread Wallets

I (also) received one of these for Christmas and I bring it almost literally everywhere. The design is flawless, it has 3 separate pocket spaces, and the loop for the wrist lanyard (which I also got) works really well, It’s super high quality, easy to use, but the one thing about it is that it can’t fit a ton of bills, but maybe that’s a good thing cause it’ll keep me from spending as much money this year XD. Thread also had lip balm holders, cute bags, and phone cases, so I’d make sure to check them out!

5. Claw Clips

ahhh claw clips are such an essential! I use one almost every day and they are such great tools for my hair especially, with it being so thick! I’m partnering with View from the Farm in a few weeks for a collab on some of their awesome clips!

Cherry Balm Dotcom packaging.

6. Glossier Balm Dot Com

ahhhh I love Glossier! This is the best lip balm-type thing I’ve ever had in my entire lifeeeee! It’s super high quality, smells amazing, tastes amazing…wait no, I don’t eat this it tastes so good…but its also if great lip hydration for my always-dry lips! It’s also a great moisturizer, and they have such a variety of scents and flavors. But, they do sell out SUPER QUICKLY so I’d go check up on it now! P.S. I highly recommend Cherry, Rose and Mango!

7. Scrunchies

Apparently, scrunchies were a huge thing from when my mom was a kid (XD) and now they’ve made their 2nd debut in the fashion world! They also are wayyy better for you hair than typical rubber bands, and don’t take off the oils that moisturize your hair. They also are super cute wrist accessorizes, and are super easy to mix and match!

8. Pura Vida Rings

Another Pura Vida must have, they have such a great variety of rings in addition to the bracelets and necklaces, and they are all so pretty! My mom got me this ring, but I lost it at school, and I need to get a new one :). But, I and in love with other ones now as well as their basic wave ring, because there is such a variety!

9. A Phone Case That You Love

Having a phone case that screams you that you love is so important, because most of us have a phone, and most of us probably bring it everywhere! For us bloggers, it’s a tool for our hobby. For some of us, it’s built into you as much as your eye balls are. But one way or the other, having a phone case that you love is important, and you should find one (or maybe 2…or 3… or 5….) to accessorize your phone! Pssst…I love liquid silicone ones–they are so soft and grip able!

10. A Mini Backpack

Ok, maybe it’s not a designer brand purse, but a mini backpack to take to school, the store, especially for those of us who aren’t HUGE on purses, are an essential for life. These can carry your phone, toiletries, wallet, basically everything. Anyways, I’ve carried one of these with me since I was 10, and they’ve never let me down, and I continue to use and love mini backpacks. This one up there is actually the one I have right now, and it’s from Target (ugh) I totally disagree with their political values, but, they do have some pretty dang cute mini backpacks 🙂

If you guys didn’t see last weeks posts, go check them out, and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest @mayimblaine for more!!

Whelp, that’s all for today’s post! Hope you guys enjoyed this and I’ll see you next week!


P.S Claw clip photo credits-Lemon and Willow-Scrunchie photo credits Pinterest-Ring Pura Vida-mini backpack Target-phone cases Amazon


6 thoughts on “10 Essential Lifestyle Accessories for Teen Girls in 2023

  1. Ooh! All of this looks super fun and pretty. I’ve been wanting a new phone case, actually, so this was a great post for me. Great job! 😄


  2. Yesssssss! These are definitely all 2023 must-haves! I really really want some claw clips! All the “cool” girls at my school wear them, I used to have one, but it broke! Plus my hair is way too long. I agree I’m not much of a jewelry person either, but I also have an Initial necklace! AWSOME post, Mayim!!!

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