Hi there!! I’m Mayim, a Christian teen blogger, growing singer and runner, fashion lover and passionate decorator.

•First off, I love Jesus and believe he has given us all talents, dreams and purposes for a reason…to glorify him. I also believe that he has promised not to forsake us and is coming back for us one day. (romans 8:38-39)

•I’m a homeschooler—I’ve been homeschooled since 2020 and me and my siblings go to a tutorial, which is like school once a week, and we get work to do for the remainder of the week.

•We moved to the Nashville Proper area of Tennessee in June of 2020 from near Chicago, IL, and I love it here!

•I switch up the decor and furniture around in my room around once a month, sometimes after a trip to hobby lobby, or an amazon order arrives. 😂

•I’m pretty creative…right now I’m into interior design, photography, Cricut making, music and theatre, and love making my design ideas come to life in my room!

•I love fashion, dressing myself and other people XD, and using popular styles to change and tweak into my own-I’m also over obsessed with shoes and have an ever-growing collection

•I’m on the Youth Group band at my church, I love singing, and I am currently learning guitar from my dad, who leads worship at our church sometimes.

•I love reading, and my favorite books is There You’ll Find Me and Roadside Assistance, both AMAZING Christian written romances. I also love the HP series and The Lunar Chronicles (Yes, I love reading series. Why in the world would you just write one book??)

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