How I set up my book reviews


The overview is almost always only going to be a quick excerpt from the inside flap, of a quick summary i’ve done myself to just sum up the book for ya!

-My Thoughts

The my thoughts section is entirely my own opinion, with what I thought about the book.


The representation section is about what kind of values (religion, political side, pro lgbtq+, etc.) that is included in the book and what the characters feel about these things

-Drugs and Alcohol

This just mentions if these things were involved or not

-Romance/Sexual Content

This section mentions in not to much detail (don’t wanna spoil things for yall :)) the romance levels, and I will be very vague in the details, but will make sure the metion if there is intense kissing, sex, etc.


Cuss words. Minor cuss words are like, Sh**, Da** and He** Semi-Majors are Di**, P*** and A**. Major cuss words are B**** and F***. I will also mention the frequency at which these are said.

-Religion and Spirtuality

Religious beliefs, Magic, etc.


Other behaviors, such as lying, disrespect, etc.

I will also include the _ out of 5 star rating it gets, as well as age recommendation.