Rise of the Living Wood Book Review // Blog Tour

hey friends! I know I usually don’t post more than once a week (actually this week I’ll be posting 3 times) but I have a super special post for you today! Kylie, a teen author. She recently revised her book, Rise of the Living Wood, and asked me to help out on her blog tour! Let’s get to the post!

About Kylie:

I’m a young teen who strives to show my faith in Yeshua, our Messiah. And I long to show others the love that He showed us and to search for Truth. I believe we are all called to strive for that Narrow Road and that He called us Chosen through the His overwhelming, never ceasing grace.

I’m a young author passionate about bringing clean, morally sound reads into the world. Currently, I’m working on my second novel, in a three-part series ( in which I hope there are many more )!

To name a few of my favorite activities: I enjoy hiking, climbing trees, kayaking, painting, writing, and playing mandolin, guitar, and piano. I’m a forest enthusiast dwelling in the midst of Northern Michigan. When I’m not writing you can most likely find me in the middle of the woods, engrossed in the spectacular works of Creation.

I love to encourage young writers seeking to nurture that spark of imagination in themselves as well as prepare for the next generation and their book content. If you have a question, comment, or anything that I can help you with, you can reach me through email: livingwoodchronicles.author@gmail.com

This book was so exciting! Usually I’m not super into the animal kingdom type stuff, but I really enjoyed this! The book also ties in God and his kingdom a lot to, which is great to see in books these days. The excitement and thrill that was rushing through me as I read this book was insane, and the storyline moves so quickly at times that it feels like you are there. It did have a little of the evil-twin thing going on, which I LOVED, and the one thing I didn’t love was that cliffhanger at the end! Kylie?!? (just kidding ;)).

This book also reminds me a lot of The Green Ember, which I haven’t actually read, but the storyline and how my younger sister had re-told it to see seems very similar, so I’m sure she’ll love it as well! For those of you who love animal kingdoms, the Warriors series, fantasy worlds, and more like those, you will LOVE this book!

Thank you Kylie for reaching out to me and I hope you guys enjoy her book, Rise of the Living Wood, as much as I did!



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