a happy list // vol. 2

hey hey friends!! I am sooooo sorry I didn’t post on Tuesday per the usual line up – I was so busy and had a ton to do before my birthday party on Friday (more on that later…) and cleaning, jiu jitsu, and our last day of youth group (😭) the day after so I had to prep for worship. anyhow, I still didn’t post (🤦🏻‍♀️) so I decided that even though Tuesday is tomorrow I’d post today because I had some extra time and I have a bunch of stuff going on tomorrow. this will basically be a monthly recap in a happy list format with some photos 🙂 more talk at the end, lets get to it!

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10+ things you can do in 15 minutes // productivity, bujo, and more!

hey hey friends! hope you have been doing great! before we even jump into talking about this post, I want to throw out an exciting announcement! I have been wanting to transition my blog to wordpress.org for many reasons, and hopefully it will be moved by the end of June! anyways, I have finished up school and have had a lot of extra free time lately, and a lot of time, we can just waste that time! whether its wandering around pointlessly, or getting absorbed in social media. but, here is your guide to having a productive day, even if you’re just sitting around!

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a happy list // vol. 1

recently, I have been feeling so happy and blessed…and yes, it is my birthday, but also seeing the beauty of Gods creation as spring turns into summer is amazing. I saw these on hadassah’s blog and thought it was such a great idea to sort of journal but also share what you’re grateful for!

  • sunny mornings with that spring smell in the air
  • birthday danish
  • four square while the sun sets in the parking lot
  • white spring dresses
  • flowers eveyrwhere
  • waves in the ocean
  • the literal perfect weather
  • shorts and a t shirt all day every day
  • soccer drills for hours at a time
  • when the verse on the day is literally the sign you’ve been waiting for from God
  • watching everyone in church praising the Lord
  • singing on stage
  • people singing happy birthday
  • fresh air in a clean room
  • hugs
  • the anticipation of birthday surprises
  • when you get exactly what you asked for
  • when God answers your prayer the way you were hoping he would
  • when everything worked out to reschedule my birthday party and almost everyone can come
  • jumping in a cold pool
  • the smell of a brand new house
  • sitting in church with your “gang”
  • people telling you how pretty you look in a dress
  • clear skin 🙂
  • being insanely tired after a good swim
  • youth group
  • excitedly anticipating youth camp for the first time
  • chick fa la
  • being officially a teenager

❤️ mayim

interview w/ a homeschooled christian ft. isabella @ the public schooled christian

hey guys! so (yes, I know, I will be getting back to a regular posting schedule in may :)) I am starting this week off with a post for Isabella @thepublicschooledchristian’s series about interviews with different kind of “schoolers” (xd, I didn’t know how else to put it) and this is mine with her about being homeschooled! Make sure to also check her blog out for the rest of the series! (check out her blog here)

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