The 3 Circles

An easy, simple way to share the Gospel in your school, home, work, etc.

Hey friends!! So I did a presentation on this tool we learned in Sunday school a little over a year ago for what we call ‘Big Church’ lol, and thought that with all of us going into school, that it would be a good idea to share this, and for some of you who are fellow believers, that this may be a helpful tool for yall to share the Gospel in your schools.

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Christy Miller Book #1 Book Review



This was a pretty good Christian- based book. Christy is set in a summer at her Aunt and Uncle’s in California and meets some forever friends and learns valuable lessons. I really love the whole series because it’s like any book you could find at Barnes & Noble or at a library about teen years and high school drama, but all of it is from a christian perspective, which is hard to find these days.

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