My Dream House Tour // 2023 Modern Farmhouse Edition

heyo friends! I’ve seen this sort of post a lot, and since I love home design, I thought it would be super fun to do a post like this! Since I am so into this career and hobby-sorta-thang, I love a lot of different styles, and I would say I have a bit of my own style, but this is basically my modern farmhouse dream house, even though MFH is kinda going out of style, to me it still seems like a timeless, great for families type look. I may end up doing more styles throughout the year, but this is what I’ve got today!

Note: all photos from Pinterest




I like the room of the first one with the furniture of the last two XD

the green couch..I love the color green but its a little much lol



I love the light gray, but I also love the green lol…in real life I’d probably got with the light gray 😂

Master Bedroom (while I am writing this, I am still considering myself a child, so my bedroom is technically one of the kids rooms, but this is also my dream house for the future, so I do like all the master suite pics to be my own one day XD)

Master Bathroom


Guest Bedroom

Guest Bathroom (except where that pointless space is that a sink could be put there’s a sink lol)


Kids Room 1(me)

My Closet

My Bathroom

Kids Room 2 (younger sister)

Her Closet

Kids Room 3 (younger brother

His Closet

Kids Bathroom

Bounus Room/Loft




(that’s the pool house 😂)


I am going to try and explain this. When you walk in the front door, you have the entry, to the left the office and to the right the guest suite. Then, you pass the staircase up and the door to the basement on the left and the master suite hallway to the right. Then, you are in the great room. Kitchen to the far right, dining in between and living at the far right. Behind the kitchen is the mudroom and garage. Upstairs, you have a large open area (the bonus room) and then to the right there are three doors, my brothers room, their bathroom, and my sister room. Then on the wall on the backside of that, is the door to my room and a little built in homework space.

well that’s all for today’s post! I had so much fun doing this and putting it together, so let me know if you enjoyed it too! and if you guys have any post suggestions, I’d love to hear them! Drop me a comment and I’ll get back to you asap!

little blog update: 5 more followers till 100!

love you guys!



24 thoughts on “My Dream House Tour // 2023 Modern Farmhouse Edition

  1. Amaaazzzzing post!!! I adore home decor, so this was basically my dream post! Are the rooms the actual rooms in the home, or did you pick out random ones? Either way, I looooove all the orange in the bedrooms. My bedroom actually has orange walls! (They’re pastel orange, so they’re not overpowering.) Also, just a note on home decor in general: don’t you HATE when a designer just paints over beautiful natural wood? Once, a designer painted a gorgeous wood loft completely white, and I was super mad, because it was so pretty before! I have nothing against white, but…yeah. Sorry about that little rant! 🙃

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  2. I love modern farm houses! I live on a hobby farm so that may explain it a little but still! I don’t like all modern houses because they all need to have everything new, everything painted but I love the look of wood, natural wood! Also modern farm houses with old furniture but yet still modern is the best! Loved this post!!

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    • Yes, the “modern” houses are too much for me…they just don’t fell that..homey, if you know what i mean. I love the contemporary farmhouse look especially because it has more of the contemporary look but still the classic charm and simplicity of the farmhouse. Thanks Brooklyn!!!

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  3. Pretty house! We actually saw a house for sale by us that was HUGE! Only it had a few problems. 1) WAYYYY TOOOO MUCH MOOOOONEY 2) It was eighties and nineties like walls and furniture. Like, bright orange, blue, stuff like that. Not kidding. The cabinets were bright orange and blue. It DID have an indoor pool though.
    Ah, we all have those dream houses. 🙂

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