Olivia Aesthetic Etsy Shop Review // ft. Olivia Aesthetic and the Mushroom Tote Bag 🍄🍄

heyo friends! Today we have a collab with another Etsy shop! Olivia’s shop, Olivia Aesthetic, is, well, super aesthetic and has some adorable totes, decals, keychains, tees and hoodies, stickers and more! I found her Etsy shop totally randomly, and immediately fell in love with this mushroom tote bag! Now, let’s get to the actual review before I started review it in the intro lol.

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50 Followers Q & A // Answering Your Questions

hey guys, hope your day is off to a good start! About a month, I gained 50 followers, and did a photo shoot post as well as asking for questions about me and you all came up with some great ones that I was so excited to answer! You guys all came up with amazing, unique questions, and this was soooo much fun! I also have a total of 82 followers now, which is amazing, and if you’re a new follower, thank you!! But, without further ado, the answers!

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Jesus is King Hoodie Review // ft. Follow the Son

hey hey friends! I’m so excited about todays post! I reached out to Mollia at Follow the Son about 2 weeks ago, asking if she would be willing to do a collab with me and my blog, and she said she’d love to…we messaged back and forth a few times on Etsy, and decided on one of her hoodies, which is beautiful and comfy, and I love it!

Follow the Son is a nonprofit organization started by Mollia Zezzo in 2018, from the beginning focused on spreading the Word and giving back to her community. Over the past 5 years, Follow the Son has donated to 17 organizations and over $9,000 to food pantries. All the profits from Follow the Son are donated to non profits to make an impact on the world. While we just got some great Christian apparel, someone else just got their next meal, thanks for Mollia’s vision. That’s a win-win! You can also just donate to her non-profit HERE.

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How to Make a Vision Board + An Exciting Announcement!

hey friends! I hope that 2023 is off to a great start for all of you! A few posts ago, I posted what my vision board looks like with my goals. I thought I should l also make a post one go to make one, and really, it’s not that hard at all, so you’ve got this!

Vision boards are great for making a physical copy of your goals that you can hang up to remind you each day. You can hang it up by your desk, use it as a wallpaper, or glue it to the front of a notebook! So, I’ll be showing you how to make two kinds of physical boards and a digital one!

I also said a little something about a secret project I’ve been working on in Tuesday’s post, so I’ll also be revealing that towards the end of the post. But don’t just scroll down because today’s post is super fun, and super easy to recreate yourself, so get reading! 🙂

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My 2023 Vision Board + Goals

hey friends! welcome to the first official post of 2023!! woo hoo! is it starting to feel like a new year yet? anyone? (I’d actually love to hear! let me know in the comments!) This week I’ll actually be posting twice, so today I can show you my vision board, and on Thursday, I’ll be showing you how to make your own! Let’s get to the post!

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