The Blog’s Posting Specifics

Ok, so I just thought that I’d do a little short post about when I post, what times, etc.

So I usually schedule my posts 2-5 ahead of the date when they go out. I set the time that they go live almost always to be 6:00-6:30am because that way if your school starts really early, like it does where I live, you can see it in the morning and maybe it’ll cheer up your day a little bit, or have something to look forward to after school.

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7 Things To Know Before Starting A Blog

Happy National President Joke Day! I know, randomest holiday ever, right?? Guess what? I actually have a presidential joke for you: Q-What do you get when you cross the 16th president of the USA with and Gorilla? A-Ape Lincoln! Well, these days it seems like there is a holiday for everything! 🙂 But that actually has NOTHING to do with today’s post. Today’s post is about 7 tips and tricks you need to know to start a blog. These are tips that I personally wish I had (I had a few of them, but you’re lucky, because you have them all!)

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