10 Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Bigger + More Functional

hey guys! It’s so funny, I’ve only done one of these “interior design/decor” posts throughout the whole time I’ve had this blog, and it was at the very beginning. But, I have another one (yay!!!!!!) which I’m super excited about (obvi) mainly because I love interior design, but also because I use this tips in me and my younger sisters shared bedroom ALL. THE. TIME. and really help with the minimal space.

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Now lets get to the post!!

1. Hang your curtains high

This probably seems a little weird and random, but it’s true. Me and my sister also have high loft beds, which give the space height and make you look up when you’re evaluating the space and size of the room. It will draw you’re eye up and make the space feel extended. Make sure to also go with a basic colored curtain, like gray or white, instead of a pattern or bold color, which will make it easier to change up your room as you grow!

2. Go with a small or no nightstand

Agh the nightstand. Before we got rid of my nightstand, all it was was a junk drawer….well more like 3 😂. It took up space and was super bulky, and didn’t serve a purpose. If you need somewhere to put a water bottle, retainer case, etc. at night, go with a small stool, or a cart like THIS.

3. Loft beds for the winnnnnnn!!

Large full or twin size beds that are on the ground great more space that just has a big bulky item sitting there. If you can’t upgrade to loft bed with space underneath for reading, creativity, etc. use storage bins under your bed to hold stuff when it isnt in use. If you can, on the other hand, GO FOR IT!! My loft bed is the best thing ever and I don’t know what I’d do it that space was just useless, except for a bed.

4. Limit bold prints

I love fun pops of color (like the orange and white accent wall) in my room, but sometimes, when its not only pops or color but crazy prints…it will make your room feel crowded and even smaller than it already is. Limit those prints or colors to throw pillows, desk decor, smaller photos, etc. Don’t put them on your bedspread or a huge area rug, because with those items most likely being main attention grabbers, will shrink the space instantly.

5. Color – Coordinate the room

Similar to tip #4, having many different colors that don’t necessarily go together will, yet again, create an element or cramped-ness. Also, having a color coordinating room, whether its all literally the same color or tones and shades of the same colors will make your room look even better, small or large!

6. Choose furniture with legs

Similarly to a loft bed, choosing furniture with legs will create airflow and space between items and the floor. The more floor that shows, the larger the room will feel. It doesn’t have to be everything either; it can be your reading chair, bed, etc. Choosing nimble furniture as well, like a bed like this, will also help create airy-ness and flow.

7. Use vertical space

I’ve seen this in SO MANY DESIGN SHOWS. Whenever a room is small or short, they do ship lap going up and down to draw the eye up, a collage wall from the top of a piece of furniture to the top (or near the top, like by my desk in my room) or the ceiling, tall mirrors, etc. but they always make the room feel larger and expansive.

8. Plants, plants, plants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plants take carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen, which will make a small space with carbon dioxide feel way less cramped and less claustrophobic. Plus plants add a nice touch of green to a room, as well as life and now some responsibility for you to not kill it 😂.

9. Paint or wallpaper an accent wall

Even though light colors, like white, should be used in most of the walls of the space, a fun accent wall is a super cool pop of color, and draws the eye toward the center of the room. To make you accent wall feel longer, you could also use horizontal ship lap to make the space feel longer.

my dream bedroom right here lol

10. Use a collection of smaller wall hangings

Using a huge wall hanging can be overpowering, like a crazy patterned rug or bedspread, so stick to a collection of smaller ones. A gallery wall or a collage wall is a great option for this, and can act as an accent wall/space without painting or doing any wallpaper or wall treatments.

Well that is all for today’s post! I really hope you guys enjoyed this and helps you out if you have a similar room sharing or small room situation as I do! Comment your favorite room in the post 😉

♡ Mayim

P.S. Expect some small updates around the blog this month! And fellow blogging friends…whenever you see a new logo in your search tab, that probably means that I changed my button/logo, so if we have swapped, please make sure to update mine on your site!

P.P.S Photo credits to Pinterest!

17 thoughts on “10 Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Bigger + More Functional

  1. My room is the opposite of every idea. I have 2 nightstands, ALL my walls are orange, and my bed…is not a loft bed! *gasp* 🤣
    I actually think a loft bed would be super cool! Great post, Mayim!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • An easy way to tone down that orange, if you wanted to, would be to sponge paint over it. That’s what I did to my orange/pink/coral walls…you literally take white wall paint, a sponge, and sponge over it. It’s super easy and took my literally 30 min. Loft beds are awesome!!!


  2. These are great ideas. I am in the process of setting up my small room, so I will definitely implement some of them. I don’t think it would be a good idea for me to have plants though, since I have a brown thumb! xD They would probably die within the first week.🥀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I LOVEhome decor too! My room is all of these except I don’t have a lot bed! My room theme is foxes (I love foxys) my room colors are a light orange, teal, and green. I Loved this post, Mayim! Thanks for sharing!


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