January 2023 Recap // ft. Books I Read, Goals Update, and More!

hey hey! It is Feb 2nd and I am back again this week with a monthly recap!! The first month of 2023 was crazy and full of stuff to do, learn, and having fun! I’m going to cover what I did, some pics, and also my playlist from this month! I’m not sure if I’m planning on doing these monthly…..but maybe… who knows? Anyway, lets get to the post!

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January Playlist

A little life stuff

Went to my first dance…and it was so much fun! It was Tale as Old as Time themed, like Beauty and the Beast, and the table decor was AMAZING, the food was AMAZING and I took some horrible pictures haha…I was having to much funnnnn

Started my email list! This was one of my blog goals for this year and I’m so glad I got it done right off the bat! ( Subscribe to it HERE)

My goals…I’ve been doing pretty good on some of them, others…not as well. Figuring out a workout schedule has been tough, with Jiu jitsu on Mondays and Thursdays, school on Tuesdays, Youth on Wednesdays…I’ve been working out once a week instead of twice, as well as only practicing guitar once a week as well, so prioritizing time for these things is something on my to-do list for February.

I watched The Princess Bride for the first time since I convinced my babysitters to let me when I was 4 lol

Started watching the HP Movies! We got through the first 2 before my younger brother got scared…maybe we’ll finish in a few years 🙂

Went to my aunts baby shower..which was so fun and the cake was so pretty!!

Got makeovers! One of my mom’s friends does Mary Kay and we went to her house and did makeovers after school one day…and then went to our friends out and rolled down their huge hill, so that makeup didn’t last long lol

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Books I Read

  • Live by Sadie Robertson Huff
  • Resistance by Jennifer Nielsen
  • Piecing Me Together by Renee Watson

I usually read so many more books, but I had so much random stuff to do otherwise 😂

Blog Stats/Updates (January 1, 23-January 30, 23)

Views: 989

Visitors: 242

Likes: 248

Comments: 178

Posts (all time): 99!!

Followers (all time): 88!!


I have a super exciting announcement! I already have this totally planned out, but once the blog reaches 100 follows, email and WordPress subs, there will be a giveaway with two winners from Etsy shops and maybe…even…SB….;)….but please share my blog and tell you friends in the blogosphere to subscribe if you’d think they’d enjoy the content on BV and…to quicker we get 12 more subs, the quicker that giveaway will open!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, getting a little peek into my life, and I’d love to hear about your months in the comments! I’ll see you guys next week!



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