Inexpensive Jewelry That’s High Quality + Looks Expensive

hey friends! If you are anything like me, you are constantly losing and/or misplacing your jewelry because of sports, showers (XD) or you may just lose things 😂. So does this leave you looking for inexpensive jewelry that still looks and feels expensive? Well, you’ve stopped by the blog on the perfect day! Because the thing about inexpensive jewelry is that, even though its a bummer, you don’t have to worry about losing it as much because you can go a buy another, or one similar to it. Alright, lets jump in to it, shall we?

p.s. you will see a lot of Pura Vida stuff on here lol, mainly because Pura Vida is my go-to place for Inexpensive High Quality Jewelry 😂😂


star hoop earrings – $14

this style of earring is so cute and I love styling them with French or dutch braids…it helps to show ’em off!

rope chain hoop earrings – $16

preppy 9 pack hoop earrings – $10

these are probably not as high quality as the Pura Vida ones, but there’s more, and, another way to style these is with a half updo!


wave ring -$16

I had one of these, then lost it at school, so I am currently in the process of getting a new one, but I wore it every single day, to Youth Group, Church, Tutorial, around the house…it’s style able with everything!

daisy ring – $10-$14

this is another cute and simple Pura Vida ring…I just love their rings lol…but it’s a more detailed piece than the wave, and I also want this one, hopefully for my birthday in a few months 🙂

oval open ring – $16


beach life Pura Vida bracelet $7

this bracelet is so cute and literally all the colors I’d describe the beach with! these bracelets are waterproof, and are literally style able with any outfit!

instagram post by sunflower_cd on 22 SEPTEMBER 2021

salty bracelet – $16

I love dainty metal bracelets, and those dainty little letters…gosh guys, I’m pathetic lol

Salty Bracelet 3

happy bracelet pack – $20

I love all the colors on these!

The Happiness Pack 2


delicate wave necklace – $24

Delicate Wave Necklace 8

dainty initial necklace – $12

I got this necklace for Christmas and I love it so much, and literally wear it everywhere! It matches my wave ring perfectly 🙂

dainty beaded necklace – $12

Well, that is all for today’s post! I hope you guys enjoyed this and that it is helpful for you! If you liked what you saw, don’t forget to like and follow for more content like this! And stay tuned for next week’s Winter Retreat Vlog!


don’t forget to save to Pinterest for later! 🙂

note: {almost all of these are in rose gold, but they are available in other colors, rose gold is just my favorite finish lol} {all photo credits and} {this post is not sponsored by any of these items or their brands}


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